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C2 Lofts is a flexible living space with a full height of just under 50 feet, C2 Lofts will provide its residents with over 2,800 SF of flexible living space laid out over multiple levels. Each unit in C2 Lofts can be configured into two or three bedrooms to fit the specific needs of the home buyer.

The designer kitchens include cabinet-depth French door refrigerators with bottom freezers, concealed dishwashers, stainless steel gas ranges, and microwaves. Custom kitchen finishes feature white quartz countertops and integral sinks.

Each unit has two full interior baths with built in storage and laundry rooms equipped with front load washers and dryers. In addition, each unit features a private outdoor area that includes a fire pit, glass wine fridge, kitchenette, and a half bath.

Both homes have two parking spaces with a gated garage entry. Interior finishes are comprised of white oak, sandstone, and concrete floors.

Exterior trim includes, smooth Santa Barbara Plaster, high grade concrete board panels with aluminum trim, and select metal panels all accented with modern hardwood.

C2 North

1,484SF – Along with a ground floor entry, this unit also includes an elevated breakfast nook off of the kitchen, and a top floor master bedroom with east and west facing balconies that allow natural light to fill the space.

C2 South

1,408SF – What this unit lacks in square footage, it gains in canyon views toward Balboa park from each of its levels. Includes an island in the kitchen. Like C2 North, and a top floor master bedroom with east and west facing balconies that allow natural light to fill the space.

This development was attractive to Canter Companies as a potentially profitable investment, and more importantly, it provides an opportunity to be a part of the urban infill movement that turns undeveloped lots into valuable pieces of real estate. Urban infill is becoming a more common practice of development in cities nationwide as it reduces sprawl and promotes a more vibrant city core. Canter Companies CEO, Andrew Canter, stressed his focus on urban infill projects, “The ability to play a part in changing a neighborhood is something our company takes very seriously. We strive to not just simply make a profit on our investments, but also to raise the bar of development in the area.” He continued, “We love the idea of being a part of a project like the C2 Lofts that we are able to offer not only our capital to, but also our unique perspective on design.” The C2 Lofts are estimated to be complete Spring 2013.

“Unconventional is the new conventional,” according to InDev’s two principals, Matt Mellos and Zac Stover. Throughout the beginning of the 20th century, most developments and product types reflect the needs of the people of their time. “We are coming into a new day and age where a home needs to function with today’s needs in mind,” according to Mellos and Stover, speaking to the architecture as the new convention itself. “The design of C2 Lofts represents our current time, with the façade and form looking to the future of the neighborhood it calls home.”

With similar outlooks on business, both Canter Companies and InDev have set themselves apart from the rest of the industry. “We are a very unique type of builder in that we shy away from the mass-produced, track home style condominiums or multifamily properties,” said InDev’s Mellos and Stover. “We believe each individual has a distinct personality and therefore we aspire to create a distinct style of design in each of our projects,” he continued.

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