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September 26, 2013, San Diego, CA – Today is the second day of Qualcomm’s two-day photo shoot at the home of the founder of Canter Companies, Andrew Canter.

Qualcomm is a leader and innovator in wireless technology and services. The San Diego-based company chose Andrew’s modern home to highlight new and future technologies that are not yet on the market.  The home is a perfect representation of the Connected Home, which features include the cutting-edge technology from Qualcomm:

  • AllPlay – A simplified media streaming technology that makes it easy for different platforms to connect to each other.
  • Hy-Fi – Teams up Ethernet, powerline and Wi-Fi to give flawless connectivity to multiple devices
  • Vive – Wi-Fi Advanced that provides 3x the speed of traditional Wi-Fi
  • Vuforia – Qualcomm’s Augmented Reality platform
  • Internet of Everything (IoE) – IoE is populated by products that run the gamut from smart computing devices to simple machines that have ‘smart’ capabilities because of the network and services to which they connect.

“Canter Companies prides itself on its being at the forefront of new, creative, and innovative thinking and design. I am honored that Qualcomm has chosen my home, which exemplifies this mindset, to be featured on its website,” said Andrew Canter of Canter Companies.

Canter Companies

Canter Companies is a full-service, private investment firm based in San Diego, CA specializing in real estate ventures. Its vertically integrated structure includes development, lending, management, capital, and construction divisions as well as an established real estate brokerage. Can Companies has the ability to offer comprehensive services, overseeing the entire life cycle of a project through acquisition, funding, development, and sales.

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From its beginnings in 1985, Qualcomm has grown from seven individuals meeting in a den to a world-leading provider of wireless technology and services. Qualcomm is a global company, a firm with many facets, with each business division changing the way we live and work through its own unique contributions. But no matter what each Qualcomm business does, all are united by a single, driving passion: to continue to deliver the world’s most innovative wireless solutions.
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Contact: Jenna Balegno

Executive Brand Manager, Canter Companies

[email protected]